Braces’ Ability to Better Your Smile

One of the best tools to fix your annoying overbite or misaligned teeth are braces! This effective treatment is one of the best solutions to aligning your teeth, improving your oral health, and is adjustable not only for children but for adults as well. This allows a person of any age to get the look… Read more »

Traditional Braces Can Be Used to Correct a Malocclusion Problem

Your general facial structure can affect the orientation of your teeth. As primary teeth are replaced by permanent teeth, it can cause an under or overbite to develop. Also known as malocclusion, it can significantly increase your chances of suffering dental attrition and fractures on multiple teeth. Most of the time our team can correct… Read more »

Give Your Child the Sippy Cup that is Right for Their Teeth

Did you know the type of sippy cup you child uses can affect their smile? Well, it’s true. This is why it’s important to use the best sippy cup possible. You want your child to have the best smile and oral health, right? Well, we do too. So, our dentist, Dr. , is happy to… Read more »

Keeping Your Braces Clean

Cleaning your braces is an important part of your treatment. You will be spending many months wearing your braces as they straighten your smile. Your braces need to be in good shape for them to do their job effectively. Here are some important facts about maintaining your braces: – Make an effort to brush your… Read more »

A Snore Guard Can Help Reduce Sleep Apnea Problems and Complication

Sleep apnea is a respiratory condition affecting the sleep quality of an estimated 40 million Americans. While snoring and poor sleep quality are two of the more salient symptoms of sleep apnea, the breathing interruption component is of even greater concern. This can gradually start to tax the heart muscle and certain blood vessels throughout… Read more »

Teeth Lost to Severe Gum Disease Might Be Replaced by Dentures

Without professional treatment, gum disease can lead to a severe infection near the roots of your teeth. As this happens, you might experience a decrease in the available bone structure or even multiple tooth loss. In a situation like this, Dr. might recommend extracting your remaining teeth clinic to prepare your mouth for a complete… Read more »

Risks of Orthodontic Care for Adults

Wearing dental braces for the purpose of fixing your teeth for health reasons such as speaking and chewing is a good reason to readjust your teeth. But if you are looking to fix them for cosmetic reasons, then you may be potentially putting yourself at risk for a number of dental problems. wants to give… Read more »

Is Your Oral Health Suffering but You Do Not Know Why?

Is your oral health suffering but you do not know why? If your teeth or gums show signs of injury that cannot be easily be explained, you may be suffering from bruxism. If you would like more information about bruxism, listed below are some frequently asked questions: How does bruxism come to pass? – Bruxism… Read more »

A Toothache Is Often a Sign of Significant Dental Distress

While toothache pain is sometimes dismissed by a cliché image of someone wrapping their jaw with a bag of ice, it is often a more serious matter. While you might find a little relief from rubbing a topical oral analgesic on the surrounding gums, you will still need to seek treatment from our dentist at… Read more »

A Standard Fluoride Treatment Can Help Prevent New Cavities

The mineral strength of your tooth enamel makes your teeth strong enough to chew food and prevent tooth decay. When you consume acidic foods and beverages or when you struggle to practice good oral hygiene, your tooth enamel can gradually weaken. As time goes on, the process of demineralization can leave your teeth vulnerable to… Read more »