Are you tired of always snoring?
Are you not getting a restful night’s sleep?
Is your spouse or partner losing sleep?
Are you feeling sleepy during the day when you should have had plenty of sleep?




If the answer is yes to any of these questions, you may be a candidate for a snoring appliance.

Snoring happens when the soft palate falls back while sleeping and begins vibrating because of the air passing it due to inhalation and exhalation while breathing. In addition to snoring, an obstructed airway while sleeping can interrupt sleep to the point where you do not actually get a good night’s sleep – known as sleep apnea.

You might ask, how can a dentist help stop my snoring?

That is a good question, by repositioning the lower jaw forward, the airway is opened up to allow air to pass with less obstruction from the soft palate and other soft tissue. This airway opening can eliminate snoring and help you sleep better.


At Seaman Family Dentistry in Lenexa, KS we typically use an EMA oral appliance, which is custom made for you to wear when you sleep to improve airflow and eliminate snoring.

Why do we use this particular appliance?

  • It is approved by the FDA for this purpose
  • It contains no metal
  • You are still able to speak and drink water with it in your mouth
  • Our patients have been very pleased with it

What is the process to have a snoring appliance made?

On the first visit, impressions are taken of your upper and lower teeth.

Our office makes models which we then send to a lab to have the appliance made.

You return to the office once we have the appliance back from the lab. At this visit, we make sure the appliance fits properly and to instruct you on its usage.

The EMA appliance has two parts, one that fits over the upper teeth and one that fits over the lower teeth. Connecting the upper and lower parts are elastic straps, one on each side which pulls the lower jaw forward opening the airway.

Here is what one of our happy patients has to say about his snoring appliance:


“I have used my appliance for over a year now, it works great and I sleep so much better.” JM

If you are ready to sleep better and quietly, give us a call so we can help you achieve this with your own snoring appliance. Also, if it is your spouse or partner who is doing the snoring, urge them to contact us today so you can both start sleeping better!