We are pleased that you are interested in creating a new smile. Dr. Robert Seaman loves helping patients achieve the smile of their dreams and can help you create a treatment plan that will handle all the concerns you have about your smile.

Obviously there is something you dislike about your smile, do you know exactly what it is? If you are not certain, it is ok, many patients are not sure what needs to be changed, they are only certain that they want a new better looking smile.

It is important for you to know that whether you just have a single tooth you don’t like or you are looking for a complete smile makeover we are here to help you. The unique thing about our office is we provide a large variety of services which can be used to change your smile. Instead of having to see one dentist about whitening, another about veneers and yet another about straightening your teeth – we provide all those services and more. Creating a new smile may involve teeth bleaching, tooth colored fillings, replacing missing teeth, straightening teeth, using crowns to reshape teeth or fill gaps, at our office you can truly find out about all the ways we can assist you in improving your smile.

Dr. Robert Seaman can help you figure out what you do not like about your smile and then recommend services necessary to create the smile you desire. Videos are provided below that discuss the various factors which influence how smiles look. We encourage you to watch them and look at your smile in the mirror – this may also provide you the answer, to what you do not like about your smile.

At Seaman Family Dentistry we offer two choices to begin your journey:

  1. A complimentary Smile Consult, or
  2. A Full Smile Work-Up* (including any needed x-rays, models, photos, a full dental examination, etc.) for $195.00.

*We recommend the Full Smile Work if you may have multiple issues you would like to change, you are interested in orthodontics as part of the changes to your smile, you are missing multiple teeth, or for anyone who has not been to the dentist for a number of years. The full work up insures that everything is taken into consideration when planning out your new smile.

Are you ready to take the first step?


Everyone deserves a smile that not only makes them happy, but also provides them with increased confidence and freedom. You might be wondering who a smile can provide “freedom,” but so many people restrain themselves from openly laughing around others and either hold back or cover their mouth instead of just flashing a great big smile. If this is you, then you will certainly feel the “freedom” you gain when you all the sudden can just smile, whenever and wherever you want. A smile makeover starts with a personalized plan to take your existing smile and re-create it into the smile of your dreams. This plan may include minor or major changes, depending on your needs and desires; it can also be a plan that takes hours, days, or years to accomplish, based on what is best for you.”

At Seaman Family Dentistry we use all types of cosmetic, restorative, replacement, and even orthodontic services which will be necessary to your unique needs to build you a smile you can be provide of – visit our cosmetic dentistry page if you would like more information about the services available.

Don’t wait any longer, call us today to schedule your Complimentary Smile Consult or Full Smile Work-Up and let us help you on the road to your new smile and the new you!