During your dental checkup, we will provide you with a number of preventive strategies to protect your teeth. If you, your hygienist, and Dr. Robert Seaman agree it would be helpful to your condition, then we can perform a fluoride treatment at Seaman Family Dentistry.

Fluoride has the ability to:

  • Strengthen weakened enamel, stopping decay from developing
  • Reduce general sensitivity by sealing up the microscopic openings in the enamel of your teeth (providing more insulation against hot/cold)
  • Help your teeth recover from sensitivity after teeth whitening services

2005e0177004d41920f1d040d35669ac00a69b4ddb34ab8fe3pimgpsh_fullsize_distrYears ago, fluoride was mainly recommended for children, as they tended to be not as diligent in their homecare and more likely to have sugary substances on their teeth for longer periods of time. Now, more and more adults are receiving regular fluoride treatments, as the rate of cavities seem to be on the rise. If you think about it, it is rare to find someone who still drinks a lot of tap water! Now that the “bottled water” revolution has taken over, the fluoride most people ingested through city drinking water has become a thing of the past, so regular fluoride treatments help to counteract the loss of fluoride in the water.

In our office, you have the option of two different types of fluoride treatments: varnish or foam applications. Studies have shown varnish applications continue to provide protection to your teeth for a much longer time frame between treatments. This type of application also lessens general sensitivity for a much longer time frame after treatment. You can discuss the benefits of fluoride treatments, and which option is best for you, with your hygienist to make an informed decision about adding this to your routine preventive program.

In addition, there are some people who benefit from the use of prescription strength fluoride as part of their regular home care routine.  Specifically, people who have health conditions which make them more prone to gum disease and tooth decay, so we also offer prescription strength fluoride paste and gel for home use.  Dr. Robert Seaman may also prescribe a certain type of fluoride for home use, which you can fill at your local pharmacy. This is very common for patients battling various types of cancer, patients who suffer from dry mouth, and diabetic patients.  If you have medical conditions or are taking medications which you feel are effecting your dental health, please discuss this further with Dr. Seaman or your hygienist at your next visit.

For further information about your options for fluoride treatment in Lenexa, Kansas, please call or visit our office to speak with our dentist.