You deserve to treat yourself to a straighter, more attractive smile! You are never too old to for adult orthodontics. At Seaman Family Dentistry in Lenexa, KS we provide adult orthodontic treatment in two ways, using either dental braces or clear dental aligners. Below is a brief description of each method, then for more information, we have other pages dedicated to each of these services – so you can learn even more about how they work to provide you a much more appealing smile!

Many adults really want straighter teeth, but do not like the idea of wearing braces. Whether actual braces are necessary or not, depends on the amount of changes needed to provide you the results you are seeking.

Clear Dental Aligners

shutterstock_485061502 If you only need minor orthodontic correction, then you may be a candidate for clear aligner treatment. The brand of aligners we use is called ClearCorrect. Aligners are similar to custom whitening trays or clear retainers, in appearance, but they are designed so that each aligner you wear creates slight movements of your teeth. Each aligner is worn for 2-3 weeks before switching to the next aligner. They need to be worn in sequence, as each one continues where the previous one left off. Typically you will take home the aligners you will wear for the next 6 – 8 weeks before returning for your next adjustment. The total time you will be in treatment depends on your specific case. Visit our ClearCorrect Aligners page for more detailed information.

Ceramic Braces

shutterstock_289507622We can even make the need for braces more appealing, in case the amount of orthodontic correction you need is more than what aligners can deliver. Ceramic braces are extremely popular with adults. Instead of having a “metal mouth” the brackets which are bonded to each tooth are made out of clear porcelain (ceramic). When wearing these braces, it looks more like you are wearing a retainer, since the metal wire running through the brackets is all that is noticeable. If you want to learn more about dental braces, visit our page on Dental Braces – using ceramic braces instead of metal ones does change what braces can do for your smile, they just look better while you are wearing them.


Not Sure Which Is Right For You?

Obviously, you want to improve your smile and if you are considering orthodontics, then you believe that your teeth need to be straightened or maybe you have gaps between your front teeth. It is difficult to describe the variations of changes which may be necessary to create the smile you are looking for, but that is why we offer a complimentary Smile Consultation with Dr. Robert Seaman at our Lenexa, KS office. Not only can he let you know whether clear aligners or dental braces are needed in your situation, but he can also discuss other options you may have to achieve the smile you desire. So take the first step in creating a new smile today – call us for an appointment.