A layer of protection for your teeth.

If you are concerned about protecting your teeth or your child’s teeth, please come see Dr. Robert Seaman about receiving dental sealants in Lenexa, Kansas. Dental sealants can effectively guard your teeth against tooth decay.

Premolars and molars (the back teeth with a broad chewing surface) develop with tiny grooves and pits in the chewing surface. This is the place where most decay starts- food and plaque collect in these grooves, which at times are smaller than a toothbrush bristle, and the byproducts of the plaque, an acid, eat away at the calcium in the teeth and lead to a cavity.

Sealants are a hard coating which fills in these deep grooves so that the food and plaque cannot collect in these places. They effectively prevent tooth decay in these areas by filling them in before the plaque has a chance to form a cavity.

Typically, sealants are done on children and teenagers shortly after the permanent back teeth erupt through the gums. They can also be done on adults who want that extra protection on their unfilled back teeth.

If you are interested in receiving dental sealants, call our office today to schedule an appointment with our dentist.

Preventative: Sealants