Fillings are the most common dental restoration for treating tooth decay. At Seaman Family Dentistry, we utilize composite material (a type of durable plastic) to provide fillings which are not only strong, but also more natural in appearance than the older “silver” fillings. You are welcome to meet with Dr. Robert Seaman if you would like to receive a composite dental filling in Lenexa, Kansas.

In addition to being more cosmetically pleasing, these fillings also bond to the tooth for a more seamless transition from tooth to filling material and to hold the tooth together. The metal alloy fillings (amalgams) require the tooth structure itself to hold them in place. In the picture below you can see the difference in appearance between the amalgam fillings on the left and the result on the right, once these fillings were replaced with composite fillings.


While fillings are traditionally used to fill the hole remaining after decay has been removed from a tooth, the composite material is also used as a cosmetic restoration in some cases. Here are some of the other uses for composite fillings (or the material):

  • Repairing small chips
  • Filling in grooves in the teeth which are stained
  • Replacing old silver fillings to improve the appearance
  • Creating composite veneers over front teeth to change the shade and/or shape of the teeth
  • Covering over exposed dentin (the more sensitive layer of your tooth), due to recession or enamel erosion

If you believe you have a cavity or are interested in any of these optional uses, be sure to discuss it at your next routine visit or contact us today to schedule a consultation with our dentist.

Below are some videos to provide you with more understanding of tooth decay and fillings.


Tooth Decay: Introduction

Tooth Decay: Filling


Filling Materials