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Your general facial structure can affect the orientation of your teeth. As primary teeth are replaced by permanent teeth, it can cause an under or overbite to develop. Also known as malocclusion, it can significantly increase your chances of suffering dental attrition and fractures on multiple teeth.

Most of the time our team can correct the position and orientation of your teeth with traditional braces.

A member of our team will install the orthodontic hardware in your mouth, using brackets, wires, and other braces components. You might be interested in having him glaze the visible braces hardware with a special dental porcelain material. It that can be shaded to match your natural tooth enamel making it harder for the casual observer to even notice you have braces.

You will need to return to the orthodontic clinic every four to six weeks to have your braces tightened and adjusted. Each of these brief outpatient appointments will gradually move your teeth closer to their correct orientation.

Once this is done, the braces can be removed and you will need to use a retainer to help ensure your teeth stay in their new position.

If you live in the Lenexa, Kansas area and you have an under or overbite, you should call 913-353-4095 to set up a braces consultation at Seaman Family Dentistry.