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How confident are you in your oral health care? Do you feel that your smile is safe simply by brushing and flossing each day? In several cases, this is true as you will do a good job of cleaning out your mouth. However, you may be extra vulnerable and susceptible to further forms of dental damage because of your diet or other issues within your life. If you do feel you’re at a heightened risk for issues including tooth decay, a restoration in the form of a dental sealant can prove to be highly beneficial.

Your oral health care often depends on making sure that you are protecting your teeth and gums from all the different risks that may develop from time to time. This includes making sure that you have preventative treatments in place. This can include improving your diet, improving your oral hygiene routine, or even having additional artificial restorations in place to keep your smile safe. With dental sealants, you are protected and at a much lower risk for tooth decay. Dental sealants are designed to provide an additional level of support for your oral health care. Ideally, they are placed on the back of your teeth, which are known as your premolars and molars, to help prevent tooth decay. In fact, your risk can drop by nearly 80%. They’re even safe and effective to use on children as young as six or whenever their molars begin to grow in. Children with sealants are three times less likely to develop cavities on protected teeth. Thanks to the durability of dental sealants, a single sealant can easily last over 10 years before a replacement may be needed to provide further enamel protection.

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