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Wearing dental braces for the purpose of fixing your teeth for health reasons such as speaking and chewing is a good reason to readjust your teeth. But if you are looking to fix them for cosmetic reasons, then you may be potentially putting yourself at risk for a number of dental problems. Seaman Family Dentistry wants to give you the best care for you and your teeth, so talk to our dentist about what options are best for you.

Your chewing, drinking, and speaking can be affected by unnecessary cosmetic treatment. Children’s teeth are soft and can move easily since the teeth have not been completely set in the roots. This means they can have dental or ortho treatment without completely disturbing the roots or bone structure.

When your teeth have settled as an adult, the roots have been imbedded into the bone and the teeth have toughened. Any adjustments need to be closely observed by your dentist. Tooth extraction may be a possibility for those who need room to move around. This may leave you prone to different infections. Some may need a tooth replacement for a lost tooth in order to have readjustments made.

Your dentist needs to also watch for TMD (Temporomandibular Disorder) or possible tooth loss when adults have ortho treatment. Our dental practice here in Lenexa, Kansas, strives to provide this treatment to give you a great smile that functions properly. Call Seaman Family Dentistry at 913-353-4095 to get a consultation or schedule an appointment today.