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Did you know the type of sippy cup you child uses can affect their smile? Well, it’s true. This is why it’s important to use the best sippy cup possible. You want your child to have the best smile and oral health, right? Well, we do too. So, our dentist, Dr. Robert Seaman, is happy to give you some information.

First, let’s talk about the types of cups in the world today. You have the transition cup, which has handles and a soft nipple. You also have the toddler cup, which won’t usually have handles because it helps your child’s dexterity. This cup will usually have a straw or spout. Lastly, you have the kid bottle, which is much bigger than the toddler cup, and it looks like a mini water bottle.

The American Dental Association doesn’t recommend using cups that have valves. This is because the valves require sucking instead of sipping. It’s better for your child’s smile to sip. When choosing between a straw or spout cup, it’s recommended to choose the straw cup. This is because the straw keeps the liquid from having contact with the teeth, which can help your child prevent tooth decay in the future.

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