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Tooth sensitivity can manifest in one or more teeth in the form of pain or a sharp stinging sensation if you are trying to enjoy sweet, acidic, hot, or cold treats. If you have tooth sensitivity, you can try brushing your teeth with a sensitivity toothpaste. While this may help to treat the problem, we encourage you to visit the dentist to ensure it’s not simply masking a larger dental issue. Our dentist and team will gladly perform a dental exam to identify the cause of your tooth sensitivity.

Multiple cavities on your teeth or cavities that have penetrated or exposed the internal tooth structures typically cause dental pain. If this has happened in your smile, you may experience increased sensitivity and a change in tooth texture.

To treat tooth sensitivity caused by tooth decay, Dr. Robert Seaman may use a dental filling or crown to repair the damaged tooth. Cavities that aren’t treated will spread throughout the tooth and cause an infection in the gums or tooth root that could lead to the loss of the tooth.

If you are struggling with tooth sensitivity in Lenexa, Kansas, contact Seaman Family Dentistry at 913-353-4095 today, especially if you suspect your sensitivity is linked to a dental cavity.