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Traditional braces are made up of a series of brackets, wires, spacers and other components. These elements are integrated together to create a system that can correct your misaligned teeth.

Once they have been installed into your mouth, you will need to return to see our dentist to have your braces adjusted. Each of these appointments will tighten the orthodontic components to affect the periodontal ligaments that bind your teeth in place.

If a braces component is damaged or otherwise compromised it could alter the tension and potentially extend the amount of time it takes to correct your misaligned teeth. If you have noticed a problem with a braces component, it’s best to call Seaman Family Dentistry to determine the appropriate course of action.

Dr. Robert Seaman can determine the severity of the damage to your braces and repair the necessary components.

If you have a spacer that feels loose or falls out shortly before a scheduled adjustment, it might be a sign that your teeth have adapted to their previous adjustment. In a situation like this, our dentist might simply suggest scheduling an earlier adjustment.

If you are in the Lenexa, Kansas, area and you have been having a problem with some component of your braces, you should call 913-353-4095 to have it examined and addressed by Dr. Robert Seaman.