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The passage of time, dark foods and beverages and tobacco use can start to dull and darken your smile. As you notice dental stains starting to build up, you might be tempted to experiment with the whitening products sold in stores. Some of these products use convincing marketing messages to bolster their claims of effectiveness. Unfortunately, even tooth whitening products that have been approved by the American Dental Association might lack the potency to do more than improve minor surface stains.

The wisest course of action to deal with significant dental stains is to schedule a consultation with our dentist, Dr. Robert Seaman. The extensive training and experience he will allow our dentist to give you the safest and most effective method for whitening your stained teeth. The professional tools and powerful whitening agents used by our dentist and his staff can fully break up the dental stains in your tooth enamel, and our team will make sure that you are safe and comfortable during your procedure.

Our office offers three forms of teeth whitening for your convenience; at home teeth whitening, in-office teeth whitening, and internal tooth bleaching. If you live in the Lenexa, Kansas, area and would like more information regarding your teeth whitening options with our dentist, please call 913-353-4095 to set up a consultation at Seaman Family Dentistry.