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A blow to the face during athletic activities or a severe household accident can sometimes impart enough force to sever the periodontal ligaments that anchor a tooth in its specific dental socket. This kind of severe dental trauma always requires treatment from a dentist like Dr. Robert Seaman.

If the tooth has been severely traumatized, or the dental socket has been badly compromised Dr. Robert Seaman might recommend extracting whatever remains of the tooth, to allow the wounded gums to heal. After your gums have been sutured, he will likely prescribe some pain medication. This will help you remain comfortable while the periodontal tissues knit together.

When you’re ready Dr. Robert Seaman can help you understand your dental restoration options. If you’re not comfortable with the oral surgery required to restore the tooth with a dental implant, he might recommend installing a dental bridge into the void.

This type of dental work is essentially two crowns fused together with a solid artificial tooth in the middle that mimics the knocked-out tooth. It is mounted on a pair of abutments formed by the two closest neighboring teeth.

It will need to be created in a professional dental lab. When it’s ready, you will need to come in for the second appointment to install your dental bridge. This is a relatively brief session where Dr. Robert Seaman cements the dental bridge directly onto the abutments.

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