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Dental crowns are commonly used to address large areas of compromised tooth enamel or significant cases of tooth decay. They are painstakingly constructed from durable materials that are intended to rival the hardness of natural tooth enamel.

However, there are still some forces that can chip or fracture a dental crown. Many of these instances are the result of dental trauma, chronic night grinding or a bad oral habit like using your teeth to open packages. Yet something seemingly mundane as biting your fingernails can potentially chip a dental crown.

Even if the damage to your dental work seems minor, it’s still best to have it examined as soon as possible by a dentist like Dr. Robert Seaman. After assessing the severity of the problem, he will present you with a possible treatment plan.

This might call for replacing the damaged dental crown or possibly performing other treatments to recreate sufficient structure to anchor a new dental crown.

Afterward, you might want to review the activity that caused the problem. Abstaining from a bad oral habit or something as simple as sleeping with a dental guard in your mouth might help prevent future problems with your dental work.

If you live in the Lenexa, Kansas, area and you have recently chipped or fractured a dental crown, you should not delay in calling 913-353-4095 to have it examined and treated at Seaman Family Dentistry.